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Healthy Cooking Live with Steve
"The Original"!

On The Menu:

You’ll see the Rice and Beans recipe I created from my contact with excellent cooks in the West Indies


      You’ll taste a recipe for Braised Field Greens I adapted from what I saw my Grandmother make in Tennessee.  This one is not only for a healthy body, but also a healthy wallet!


      You’ll see how to get two things out of one pot with a Chick Pea Chowder and a Chick Pea Tabouleh with Cucumber; a variation of recipes I learned in the Gulf States of Dubai and Qatar.


      We’ll further demonstrate how to combine work efforts in a Whole Grain Pilaf with Wild Rice and a Kamut and Kale Salad.


      The last recipe you’ll see – Whole Grain Oatmeal – helps you start the day with an exceptionally high amount of fiber-rich whole grain that tastes great!


Topics For Discussion:

  • Chronic disease: the modern dietary dilemma
  • How to cook tasty food with less salt, fat, & sugar
  • Kitchen organization for healthy cooking; the basics
  • Using a pressure cooker; the basics
  • What food to keep on hand
  • What equipment to have in your kitchen

Where's Whole Foods Market?
3670 W. Dublin-Granville Road Columbus, OH 43235

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