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Welcome OSU Rally For Wellness
Health Fair Attendees!

Please have a look around the with any questions and if you’re looking for assistance with your own lifestyle modification to reduce weight or deal with heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, or another issue call me right now and schedule your free initial consultation and hear how a plant-based lifestyle modification may be what you’re looking for!


I’m, waiting for you right now at 614-409-0788...we can get started tomorrow!


Here are the recipes for the three items you tasted at the health fair.

Rice and Beans is the staple food of the plant-based diet.  This is a very basic version that’s kind of a hybrid of a West Indian and South American version and seems to satisfy the American palate rather nicely!


           Rice and Beans



These Braised Greens are modified from recipes I learned in the West Indies and from watching my grandmother in Chattanooga.  In the West Indies they use the leaf of the dasheen plant, a staple root in the Caribbean, to make something called callaloo that is very similar to these braised greens.

            Braised Greens



Like quinoa, buckwheat is not a true grain, but because it cooks like rice and has many of the nutrient values we associate with grain we tend to just refer to it as a grain.  It is actually a seed related to rhubarb and sorrel.  This is a nice light and fruity salad that you can eat right in the hottest part of the day and it will refresh like a cool drink!

            Buckwheat Salad