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Dude...where’s the CD?
Okay so I didn’t make the December deadline...nobody feels worse than I do! It was unavoidable, my Registered Dietitian’s exam was pushed back and the time in December I had set aside to work on the first draft of the CD became study time...the good news is I passed the exam!

Now on to the CD!

So here’s what I’m going to do....I’m tossing everyone that has pre-ordered the CD a bone!

As you can read below, I’m releasing this book on CD in three versions between now and December 2010. It will increase in size to version 3.0 which will have about 100 pages of text and more than 100 recipes; version 1.0 which has a target ship date of mid-March will have about a third as many pages of text and a little more than a third as many recipes.

Pre-orders of version 1.0 will get v2.0 and v3.0 updates free of charge! I will email a PDF containing v2.0 and v3.0 when they are released! This offer is only good for the pre-orders of the version1.0 CD. Once the v1.0 is out there I won’t be offering this any more. Folks that support me at the start are getting the other two versions free of charge!

So if you have already ordered or pre-order v1.0 of the CD...right'll get v2.0 and v3.0 emailed to you when they are released!!

What’s this CD thing all about?
Using the recipes from all the “Healthy Cooking Live!” events, plus more I’ve developed for my personal use during my lifestyle modification, I’m compiling a book in the form of a PDF on a CD. Each recipe is created in the same detailed and informative style and format as the ones you can download right here at the “Healthy Cooking Live!” page. I’m doing this on a CD because it gives me much more freedom to include color photographs which are very expensive to reproduce in a book and even short video clips which are impossible to reproduce in any other way.

I’m creating recipes and content for this right now and at present there are 4 chapters with about 40 pages of content plus the recipes. You can get a feel for the style of the project by reading the Resources, About Steve, and About FoodCanHeal pages right here.

When writers get a contract for a conventional book there’s something called an “advance” that allows the writer to be somewhat free of daily financial obligations so that they can complete the work on their project. Naturally with a self-published effort there's no such advance payment involved, so I’m going directly to the people I will be serving to ask for the advance!

You can pre-order the Healthy Cooking with Steve CD v1.0 now at only $12.95, almost a 10% discount from the $14.99 price it will be sold for when it ships the second week of December 2009....and as mentioned above folks that pre-order the CD at just $12.95 will receive both the v2.0 and v3.0 in PDFs emailed directly to your computer when they are finished free of charge!

Were you expecting a CD in the mail?
As some of you have noticed I didn’t meet the mid December deadline to ship the book on CD. My apologies...I had to push back my Registered Dietitian exam to December 30 and that took the month of December to study for....time I had already decided to take off from demonstrations in order to finish the first draft (v1.0) of the book. So the deadline took a hit. Now I’m trying to finish the first draft while creating new recipes and marketing new cooking demonstrations and that’s a slow process.

The good news is I’m getting close! The first 500 CDs and even the bubble wrap mailers I’ll be using to ship in have arrived at my house! I have enough recipes completed to fill the first draft and I’m finishing the text right now. I don’t have a specific shipping date, a very realistic target ship date is in mid March which really isn’t far away.

I really appreciate your continued patience!

What I’m going to do to reward everyone that has pre-ordered v1.0 of the CD with version 2.0 and 3.0 email updates free of charge! So if you have either pre-ordered v1.0 or do so before the mid-March ship date at a price of $12.95 I’ll send you an email PDF of v2.0 and the final v3.0 free of charge! The final version of the book (version 3.0) which will be completed in late November-early December for Christmas 2010 and sell for over $25 will be yours as an email PDF update for the pre-order price of $12.95!