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Lifestyle Modification
Coaching and Counseling!

Where the Rubber meets the Road to Health!

FoodCanHeal and Chef Steve can assist you with the day to day mechanism of diet and lifestyle modification by providing very specific instruction about how to efficiently function in a home kitchen environment to create food that is creative, tasty, but still exceptionally healthy!  FoodCanHeal is about doing not talking!


I have my home in Columbus Ohio set up like a lifestyle modification laboratory and walk people through the process and actually show them what I did and still do on a daily basis.


An initial hour or so one-on-one consultation is absolutely FREE.  If we decide that we’re going to work together then we create a plan specifically designed for the unique challenges you are facing.  I don’t have a cookie cutter treatment protocol I fit people into, just the opposite; I create a completely unique strategy just for you!  That might involve one-on-one counseling, some nutrition education, learning about chronic illness, hands-on cooking lessons or help with logistics in your own kitchen.


Does that sound like an approach that would help you?  Then don't hesitate EMAIL ME TODAY and make an appointment for your FREE initial consultation and Let The Healing Begin!!  Include your phone number so we can get going right away!